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About Us


IndigoBridge Laboratories is a translational medicine biotechnologies company promising to uphold the three main pillars of this interdisciplinary branch of the biomedical field: benchside, bedside and community; bridging the gap between the science and the clinic.


Translational research is the process of applying ideas, insights, and discoveries generated through basic scientific inquiry to the treatment or prevention of human disease and ageing.

Given this definition, our mission at IndigoBridge is to commercialize effective and accurate high-throughput, assays that impact prevention of the most prominent diseases affecting our health in today’s world, as well as those that serve as markers for ageing.  Some of these are based upon the characteristics that describe ECTO-NOX (ENOX) proteins. The end result will not only be earlier diagnoses of the 4 leading diseases in developed countries, but also more precise and accurate diagnostic tests.

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